Take care of your voice

WHEW!! It’s really hot in Los Angeles this week, Don’t forget to keep hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps keep your voice in good working order.

News from Elocution Solution

We had a great time last month at the Screen Actor’s Guild Summer Program.  This was our third year giving a workshop on Voice and Diction. It’s a beautiful setting in the Hollywood Hills, with enthusiastic students.

How’s Your Voice?

Our voices are so easily abused. Everything from trying to talk in noisy environments and using the wrong pitch and placement to having allergies and sinus problems can give you a voice that is hoarse and raspy.  Many of our voice clients with allergies and sinus problems have been having success using a Neti Pot , which has become readily …

What Is An Accent

When we think of speech as being accented, we’re hearing speech that has both sound substitutions and a different rhythm and stress patterns Every language has its own set of sounds. When learning a new language, there are sounds that are in the new language that aren’t in the native language – or sounds that are made in a different …


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