Listen to This!

Did you ever wonder why it can be so hard to change speech patterns? The secret that nobody tells you is that you have to be able to hear the difference between what you’re saying and what the sound should be. Your ear must be trained to listen these differences. We’ve just developed a new program to train listening skills. It’s called Listen to This!  For foreign born speakers who have never heard some of the sounds we have in English, it’s essential to teach them how to listen and what to listen for. And even people who have regional dialects need the same training. When you’ve grown up hearing sounds pronounced one way, you’re not tuned into hearing it any other way. Your brain just hears it the way you say it.  This  skill is so important that we’ve decided to give this program away as a bonus to the first 200 people who buy the Vowel Workout. It’s now available on the products page.  See an excerpt on YouTube