Do You Talk Too Fast?

We’ve suddenly had a rash of students who are coming to see us because

people have told them that they talk too fast and they can’t be understood.

This could be a bi-product of our fast paced life where we are always

using IM talk, lol. Maybe you talk too fast because you think your listeners

will not stay with you. BUT…Your listeners will tune you out because they can’t

listen fast enough and will not be able to process what you’re saying.


Another problem with speaking fast is that most people tend to omit

sounds or syllables. SO…your speech will become sloppy.

In order to overcome the sloppy speech you need to tone up your

facial muscles! Oral Aerobics is a must.  If you were an athlete you wouldn’t

jump into your sport without working out first. And so  speakers must also work

out and build up their muscle strength. Our Oral Aerobics program is available

on our Products Page. If you would like to see a preview of it

here is our YouTube video.

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