What Does Your Voice Say About You?

Your voice reflects who you are. Are you happy with what your voice says about you? Do you feel like you need a slight change to your voice?

The following are some of the voice clients we’ve met over the years.

  • Here’s Miss Mouse – Her voice is low in volume. Nobody ever seems to hear what she has to say. She fades into the background.
  • Meet Gravel Gertie or Gus – This person speaks in the lowest voice he can find. It’s coming from the back of his throat somewhere and goes nowhere. It sounds like gravel!
  • The Wicked Witch – Her neck muscles are very tight. She always sounds tense.
  • Nasal Nanny – This person can sound like he has a perpetual sinus infection. Regional accents like NY or Midwest twang can be very nasal.
  • Little Kid – This voice is not age appropriate. Pitched way too high. Both male and female voices sound like a little girl.
  • Johnny one note – This person speaks in a monotone. Pitch and volume remain the same. He’s sure to put you to sleep.

If you recognize yourself in any of these voices and want to make a change, know that it is possible. Our Elocution Handbook: Your Voice download provides you with techniques and exercises that will help you produce your best voice. Or if you prefer you can come to our studio. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and set up a program designed just for you. We do this in our office or on Skype.