Here's what our clients say...

MarietaMarieta is a teacher who had this to say about her accent reduction sessions - "I remember when I used to cringe whenever I listen to my recorded voice, however, since my elocution sessions, I actually had come to enjoy listening to myself.   To be "well-spoken" and confident to speak publicly are now realistic goals that Elocution Solution helped me achieve. My sessions are fun and enjoyable."

SavannaSavanna, age 12, is working to eliminate her tongue thrust swallow pattern and to correct her articulation. "Therapy sessions are fun, interesting and helpful. I look forward to going to my speech sessions. Home practice exercises are clear, and just the right amount of work. I can now swallow right and my speech is getting better."

LilyaLilya, an acting student, is working to eliminate her Russian accent. "A lot of people have noticed a change in my speech. One of the things that has helped me is being able to work on my scripts during our sessions. My ears have opened and if people don't understand me I'm resaying it correctly. Harriet makes every session so much fun. I'm very lucky that I've found her."

DennisDennis, a nurse and lecturer, says "When I do public speaking now, I am able to use good breath control, pitch level, and variety in my intonation so I can keep my audiences interested. Thank you.

EllieEllie is a British actress. "Thanks for all your help with an American accent. You're great."

CarlosCarlos is an acting student. "You have changed my life. I've tried other programs and methods but they didn't work."

Richard BartoRichard Barto who is receiving speech therapy after a cochlear implant says, "The therapy has helped me a lot. It taught me to focus on my speech and make the effort to produce the sounds, especially the /s and z/. I especially like the CDs as a follow up to the sessions. I listen to them all the time. Therapy has taught me to think in terms of the sounds of the words and not the letters in the words.

Taylor, age 11, corrected her production of /r/. Mom said, "I can't believe in such a short amount of time she was able to fix her /r/. It was much faster than we expected. She's much more confident in her speech now."

SAG Conservatory at AFIA Voice and Diction workshop was given for the SAG Conservatory summer sessions at the American Film Institute 2009.

Some of the comments were:

"Very fun and helpful"

"I had a great time and learned a lot."

"It was fun and inspiring."

"Wonderful enthusiasm and knowledgeable women."

"I've always had a problem with nasality. This was very helpful to me."

"This workshop helped me to find my correct pitch."

At the 2010 SAG Conservatory summer session some of the comments were:

"Thank you, this is exactly what I've been looking for."

"You are great."

"Loved it."

"I really enjoyed the class."

"Very good exercises."

"Fun and encouraging. Great to learn warm-ups and voice exercises."

A 6 hour voice and diction class was given at a local museum for their teachers.

The participants had this to say: “I’ve already noticed an improvement in my vocal health after learning how to speak in my middle voice.”

“The voice placement material was most relevant. I also appreciated the individual comments on what I should watch for.”

“I felt this class was very useful since I use my voice all the time and I’ve had many sore throats in the past.”

“The information on middle voice and breathing was most useful. Everything was well thought out. This was a great program”

Theatre Creators Inc.'s production of Hay Fever

British and Cockney Dialect coaching for Theatre Creators Inc.'s production of Hay Fever.

From the cast of Hay Fever: "Thank you for working with us. We couldn't have done it without you. We were much more confident using the British accent after our sessions with you."

From the producer Dawnee Mercado, "Thank you Harriet for your heart and talent"